World War 2 From Above –  Media

NZ Air Force News – November 2014

‘……..A perfect gift for Christmas, World War 2 From Above, captures a fresh and enthralling perspective, not just on the conflict itself, but on the way in which the war impacted the development of aviation and photography……’

NZ AirForceNews November 2014

 Aero Magazine – October 2014

Aero header



ADF Magazine – October 2014

ADF Magazine


The Daily Telegraph – September 2014

 Daily Telegraph

Australian Flying Review – September 2014

AustralianFlying REview


West End Magazine – September 2014

West End Magazine


The Gold Coast Magazine – August 2014

gold coast magazine on world war 2 from above

The Senior – review August 2014

the senior on world war 2 from above

Airwaves review – August 2014

Airwaves review

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